Incarcerated? Join us in Bible study now

At we are involved in the prison ministry because we love studying and also sharing the word of God. We do team facilitation that caters for the needs of those who used one on one attention; the team also guide the inmates on how to pray for themselves and other additional skills. Are you incarcerated? Join us in Bible study now and notice the difference.

Our Bible study is aimed at helping the prisoners to know God on a personal basis and also read its word effectively. We do so to help them know how to pray for themselves and others, know how to forgive, deal with their emotions (fear, shame, anger, etc.), respect for those in authority, obey others and also develop a Christian worldview.

If you are convicted, sitting lonely in your cell, guilty of your actions that landed you in prison and maybe you have lost hope in life don’t despair! We are to your rescue. We at the International Christian College and seminary understand your predicaments. We are offering a Bible study course for incarcerated that helps them utilize their time in prison. Bible study course also helps them to overcome thoughts making them feel guilty by giving them hope of a second chance in life. One only gets this virtue through reading the Bible.

We offer correspondence courses for inmates. These are ideal for them in that they learn at their comfort. Our curriculum goes to them together with their daily duties in prison. We have skilled personnel facilitating Bible study. They have helped many inmates learn the Bible to detail and also guided them on how to apply it in their daily lives. We believe that prisoners have the ability to demonstrate their talents when given a chance. Who knows our prison Bible study program can nurture the next evangelists who will go out and spread the good news! We believe that prison is an ore of untapped talent, this has motivated us to go after them are you incarcerated? Join us in Bible study now. You have every reason to join us now at

We have a vast experience working with incarcerated and what we have done to them over the years has been rehabilitating them through teaching them the word of God. The purpose of every prison is to rehabilitate the inmates. This sometimes doesn’t yield fruits because of some of the return to their criminal activities as soon as they are released. The prison is not sufficient enough to rehabilitate some prisoners, this is the reason which is why we decided to offer the Bible study curriculum that will teach them Christian ethics and practices, and by doing so, they will abandon their weird behavior and practices.

Any inmate should think of life after serving their jail terms. Many prisoners find themselves back to prison because they have nothing to occupy them or they still don’t know how to spend their time without trouble. We at aims at equipping Bible knowledge to the inmates so that they live independently after they leave prison. Our teachings will enable them to use legal means of earning a living rather than engaging in crime. This helps them avoid living a fugitive life.

Rehabilitated prisoners who didn’t go through Bible study show a low rate of recidivism compared to their fellow rehabilitated prisoners who have undergone our Bible study program. This is a clear indication that Bible study is a requirement to the prisoners and we offer the course for this important reason.

You may be fighting addictions ranging from alcohol, drugs and substance abuse. Some prisoners ever have profound anger they have tried to end to no avail. Others can’t let go their urge to steal, rape or even kill. These vices have taken control of them and what they need is freedom! The Bible ideal for their liberation. Are you incarcerated? Join us in Bible study now. We at International Christian College and seminary provide Bible study to help inmates to overcome their addiction.

Please complete the information in the box that says, “Start Here” or call us at (877)391-3741 to begin your educational journey with ICCS.

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Please complete the information in the box that says, "Start Here" or call us at (877)391-3741 to begin your educational journey with ICCS.