Programs For The Incarcerated

Many people seeking an education behind prison walls struggle to realize their dream of attaining a college degree. This struggle is not due to their abilities or ambition but rather to financial hardship. It’s not uncommon for the incarcerated to receive just a few dollars each month for the hard tasks they’re required to do behind prison walls. Prisoners are no different than those in the free world. People are people no matter where they are, and we all have dreams, ambitions, and desires. It’s our goal at International Christian College & Seminary to help those who are incarcerated realize their dreams and aspirations regardless of financial setbacks.

The Bible speaks to helping one’s fellow man. We believe that this is a major tenet of the Christian walk and one which benefits both parties. Listen to prison convicts who have changed their future with the help of International Christian College & Seminary:

“When I was seventeen years old, I got certified as an adult and went to prison with a three-year sentence in 1990. While I was in prison, I got 10 more years and two seven-year sentences. I joined a gang. I was involved in two murders, a riot, and stabbings. If there was trouble, I was sure to be in it. I stayed in prison for fifteen long years.  I begged God, “Please God, let me go home and have a family.”

He let me go home I had a family – just what I had begged God for all of those years. And then I went broke, Instead of  going out and finding a job, I went back to doing what I knew best – stealing and making meth, and then I started getting high on the meth I was making.

Now, here I sit back in prison with a forty-year sentence I’m a firm believer that I’m going to sit in this place until God feels I have learned my lesson. I begged God for fifteen years to let me out of prison and have a family, and he did just that. He gave me a beautiful wife and a son, and all I did was kick dirt in His face. So I figure He is going to let me sit in this place until I have learned my lesson.

When I came back to prison in 2007, my wife started coming to visit me and she would bring me packages of meth, weed, and pills every weekend. In February 2008, we lost our visits. I got mixed up in another murder and got sent to the maximum security prison. From 2008 to 2012, I sat at the max prison. No visits,

In 2014, I got a sack of meth in here and started selling it and getting high. My cell partner and some of his friends from the same gang started plotting behind my back. We were all high, so I went and got my knife and I jammed up all of them.  I put my knife away and went to sleep.

The very next day, I wrote a note to God, “Please God, help me. Help me stop getting high.” Exactly twenty-four hours later, the police came to me and said, “We took your cell partner to lock up. Can we move Jeremiah (friends call him) Jeremiah Bull Frog in with you?” (He is a student with International Christian College and Seminary.) He is the one person in prison that introduced me to Jesus Christ.

My wife and I lost our visits in February 2008. No contact whatsoever. I started filing in the courts, trying to get them back, and I was denied every step of the way. I filed for over seven years. That night (Thursday night), I went to church with Jeremiah Bull Frog. The preacher asked is there anyone who needs to pray? I told him, yes, I do. So he, Jeremiah bull frog, and another guy put their hands on me and they prayed for me and my wife’s visits. That very next morning (Friday morning), my case manager called me into her office and told me that the Director of the Department of Corrections said my wife and I can have our visits back starting that next Sunday. , God did that for me, anyone can believe what they want to believe, but I know God gave me my visits back with my wife. I am thankful for the student from international Christian college and seminary that changed my life and introduced me to Jesus Christ.”

We ask you to help make an impact in the lives of prison inmates by sponsoring their Bible-based college education at International Christian College & Seminary, a Bible-centered educational institution committed to academic excellence and open to the pursuit of Christian education by everyone, including prison inmates.

The Bible tells us in Matthew 25:40 “And the King shall answer and say to them, ‘Truly, I say to you, in as much as you have done it to one of the least of these My brothers, you have done it to Me.’”

The greatest rewards come when you give because life isn’t about having. It’s about giving. If you sponsor an inmate now, you’ll save 85% off our standard tuition cost. Additional discounts will also be given if you pay the tuition in advance. For more information, please email us at, or call us at 877-391-3741. International Christian College & Seminary, Bringing hope to the hopeless.

Our courses are 100% correspondence and can be offered to inmates as part of our College Prison Programs for the Incarcerated.

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