How Prisoners can get a Degree in Bible Studies

You may be stuck, lamenting about the educational dreams of your incarcerated loved one going to the drain. Are you wondering how prisoners can get a degree in Bible studies? Is it not the end of everything for them? At, we know how education is significant for everyone. For this reason, we have established programs for the incarcerated. We developed this program because we know that the imprisoned face numerous challenges behind bars. Some of the challenges range from boredom, violence, drug abuse, separation from their families among other horrific experiences. This can make them develop a low profile in their lives especially when we put into consideration that some of them are locked up there for crimes they didn’t commit. Our motivation is derived from Jesus’s teachings in Mark 16:15 “Go into the world and preach the gospel.” That’s why we offer our services to the incarcerated individuals who tend to have been forgotten. Is your loved one locked up in prison and you think it’s the end of the road for him/her? Don’t despair; we are to their rescue. We at offer degree programs for the incarcerated. You can make an impact in their lives by enabling them to attain a Bible-based degree at our college.

The incarcerated are normal people just as we are! We share the same experiences and feelings only that they are locked in prison. Education is also a fundamental right to the imprisoned as it is to us. Many of the prisoners had big educational goals they wanted to achieve but were cut short the moment they stepped into prison. We offer degree courses to these wonderful individuals which enable them to achieve their educational demands.

Correspondence is the main channel through which the Bible study curriculum is taught to the inmates. This mainly entails teaching through mails or regular visits to the prisons without interfering with the daily program of the prison. The mailing method, for example, entails exchanging questions and answers. This has been a success as we have reformed many programs through this program. This is the most effective method on how prisoners can get a degree in Bible studies.

Many prisoners come from poor backgrounds where they cannot fend for their education. Many of them are illiterate. We offer degree courses at our college with a purpose of alleviating literacy levels amongst our imprisoned brethren. After they can read, they shall be in a position to read the Bible effectively.

You should also put into consideration that the inmates will need a job to support themselves together with their families after they are released from prison. Lack of college education will limit their chances of being employed, and it turns up to be a nightmare to their families since they cannot cater for their needs, and the community will suffer since they may resort to their previous criminal deeds. Studies by the Florida Department of Corrections shows that the inmates who attained education behind prison walls are less likely to turn back to their former criminal behaviors. Family members of the incarcerated should visit our website to find out how prisoners can get a degree in Bible studies. Our Bible study course will not only enable them to read the Bible well but to also secure a job upon their release in prison.

It is also important to consider that by being incarcerated, it doesn’t mean that the prisoners have limited abilities. It’s only that they lack the opportunities that will enable them to exploit their talents to the fullest. We offer an educational curriculum deeply rooted in Christian norms. By giving them that chance to study, we are giving them a platform to exploit their abilities to the maximum.

For many years, the imprisoned have been ignored. They are seen to be naturally evil. Some of the inmates have even been labeled by the basing on the mistake that made them jailed. It is dehumanizing to call an inmate “murderer,” “rapist,” “thief” instead of his/her name. They are not even assured of their basic needs, education being one of them. At our college, we are privileged to offer degree programs to the prisoners. Our programs are meant to help prisoners to overcome the stigma they are facing. If you are a friend or family member of the incarcerated, check our website to find out how prisoners can get a degree in Bible studies.

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Please complete the information in the box that says, "Start Here" or call us at (877)391-3741 to begin your educational journey with ICCS.