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Going to the university is a milestone event in a person’s life. It is likely to be the first time you will live on your own, and actively start building your future. What you will chose to study in the university, and the experiences you will have during your university career will shape you and determine what person you will be for the rest of your life; that’s why it is essential to make the right choice. If you are considering a theological degree, you should consider International Christian College and Seminary. It was founded to make high quality education affordable, in the Christian way. ICCS offers you the possibility to start building your future, on solid Christian bases at an affordable price. Your goal is our goal…because of Him, start constructing your future with ICCS and its high standards of education.

There are many institutions which offer theological degrees, however none of them are quite like ICCS. They offers a wide range of degrees such as: biblical studies, Christian ministry, theological studies, contemporary Christian music, and much more. Moreover, the choice continues on different educational level, ICCS offers a wide range of MA degrees and even Doctorate degrees, for example at ICCS you can persue your dream of obtaining a doctoral of philosopstock-photo-75329719-camera-focus-frame-border-copy-space-concepthy in christian education. On the ICCS website,, you will find the full list of available courses, where you will also find your dream course, at an affordable price. College tuition can be a heavy burden on a family or an individual. ICCS’ tuition is lower when compared to similar schools, and financial assistance is assured for every student. ICCS knows that “Man does not live by bread alone.” Because the income of those who labor for the Master does not compare favorably with other demanding professions, ICCS tuition and study materials are consistently reasonable. If this is still not enough for you, the ICCS also offers online degrees. The wide range of online degrees mirrors the “physical” program, and still provides the students with the same excellent standards of education. The online degrees, however, are more affordable because they do not need any classrooms, or book or any other materials. Moreover, the online classes can be taken anywhere at any time. ICCS knows that it is hard combining your busy life with the desire of obtaining a quality education, that’s why ICCS does everything possible to offer you a high standard education at a low price.

Your education if the basis for your future, if you have a solid education you will be able to build a solid future. ICCS offers you the possibility to start building a solid future now, whitout compromising your present. Going to college can be a heavy burden, but ICCS is here to help you achieving your dreams and completing your education. Visit the website to discover all the options that ICCS offers, and start building your future today.

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