Inmates can study the Bible too!

Being jailed is not the end of life. People hold a misconception that a prisoner can’t do anything significant. Leave alone reading the Bible! We dispute this. They possess the ability to read the Bible as we do as well. Inmates can read the Bible too; this is a stand that we hold dearest in our hearts at the International Christian College and Seminary. We are Christian institution which aims at offering Bible study programs tailored at teaching Christian morals and values. We do this by not discriminating against anyone. In James 2:1-15 we are advised by God not to discriminate against others basing on their status. Prisoners are human beings as we do! They should also receive guidance on how to read the word of God.

Prisoners usually have plenty of time which they use in contemplating about actions that landed them in prison. They look for solutions that can make them get over their past. Many of them adopt Christian religion at this time, and they develop the urge of knowing God. We at offer Bible study lessons that enable our incarcerated brothers to study the Word of God effectively. By doing this, they shall also utilize their time in prison effectively in that, by the time they are set free, they become productive citizens in the society.

Our study program is a comprehensive one; we also have skilled personnel that teaches in detail to enable the incarcerated have wider knowledge about the word of God and its applicability. We also help them to adopt Christian morals that are accepted in society. By doing this, many of them are transformed into respectable men and women in society.

We offer a correspondence program that gives our inmates the freedom to engage in Bible study and continue with other activities pertaining prison life. We understand the challenges faced by inmates in prison, that’s why we developed this program. If you have your loved one in prison, who want to study the Bible study course at an affordable price, you can help then enroll in our college. The incarcerated student stands to benefit by being taught how to overcome emotions such as hatred, anger and other evils that are common in our prisons.

We have been helping the inmates get knowledge about the Bible for a considerable time now. Our major job has been guiding them through their courses by providing them relevant curriculum material and also help them solve problems they encounter while in prison.

The Bible is a representation of true freedom. It has helped to free the hearts and minds throughout history. The secret to this freedom is reading the Bible. People who don’t know God are in their prison, and they need Divine intervention for their freedom. Many inmates at times have to fight against guilt which makes them hate themselves. The Bible acts to their remedy by giving them a second chance in life.

A good number of prisoners we have interacted with, came from the underprivileged backgrounds, being raised up by poor parents or sometimes broken, violent homes. They are deprived of accessing public education together with the occupation prospects. We are to the rescue of our imprisoned brothers by offering them Bible study lessons because we believe that inmates can read the Bible too. By giving them this important opportunity, they will have changed mindset and live a meaningful life.

Gone are the days when prisoners could be ignored and denied access to knowledge, especially Biblical knowledge. If you know of a prisoner who is passionate of undergoing Bible study lessons, you can recommend them our college. We at have a developed and an effective Bible study program for the incarcerated because we believe that inmates can study the Bible too. We are ready to give them guidance that will help them read the Bible well.

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Please complete the information in the box that says, "Start Here" or call us at (877)391-3741 to begin your educational journey with ICCS.