How to help an inmate to enroll for a correspondence Bible course

Prison life can sometimes be stressful, inmates face stigma from the rest of the society, and this can lead to recidivism. Within the prison, inmates have a lot of restrictions that purposely help change their behavior. They also have a lot of time to meditate upon the mistakes they committed and to re-evaluate the course of their lives from that moment.

Many times the inmates develop a sense of guilt and remorse for what they have done. In this case, religion plays a vital role in helping the incarcerated regain their personality, self- esteem and to view their current life from a different perspective. Some prisoners may already have knowledge of God while a bigger lot find Christianity for the first time in prison. This article is about how to help an inmate to enroll for a correspondence Bible course.

Correspondence Bible studies play a vital role because they help the prisoner to overcome guilt with time and develop spiritually. Inmates go through a comprehensive Bible study course that has proved to play a bigger part in offers Bible study courses to the incarcerated and provide follow-up services to them. Our aim is to acquaint prisoners with the knowledge of God and to change their mindset on how they view issues in their lives.

Enrollment to Bible study course is simple, and inmates should just get enrollment forms online. After filling the enrollment forms, the inmate is assigned a teacher who will conduct the lessons to the inmate voluntarily. A few delays can occur hence patience is highly appreciated.

Apart from online enrollment, most prisons have local Bible study courses offered by various personnel like pastors, priests, and deacons. Inmates who are willing to enroll for Bible study courses are encouraged to seek consent from their instructor, and everything will be arranged for them.

For those family members or friends of the incarcerated who wish to know how to help an inmate to enroll for a correspondence course must gather facts about the curriculum offered at our college. We offer in-depth Bible classes that are conducted at prisons level, and those ready for salvation get a chance to receive Christ, and Baptismal classes are also given. Prisoners who get saved get accountability partners or mentors who follow them up even after prison life and in their home churches to make sure they remain steadfast in their faith.

The Bible offers the message of truth to believers and accepting Jesus as personal savior is a step towards the revival of the soul and the setting apart for Gods work. It offers the truth on many issues people face. What the message of forgiveness, repentance and God’s grace towards sinners is evident in many chapters of the Bible and having a chance to study it as an inmate gives them an upper hand for quicker recovery and easier ways to cope with temptations.

Correspondence Bible study courses help prisoners to realize Gods love in their lives and to know how precious their lives are before God’s eyes. They get to know God at a personal level and know how to devote to Him. These create important values of love and self-control in the lives of prisoners that will keep them from reverting to their previous mistakes.

Giving a closer look at the rehabilitated prisoners, their rate of recidivism is lower compared to those who have not undergone Bible study programs. This means that the courses are vital for any inmate. Adequate advice and follow-up can help transform prisoners’ lives and make them productive in the society. Since most Bible Study courses are voluntary, every inmate should purpose to enroll as part of their rehabilitation process.

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Please complete the information in the box that says, "Start Here" or call us at (877)391-3741 to begin your educational journey with ICCS.