How I found Christ in Prison and Found my Way Out

This is a testimony of a prisoner who got saved while in prison.

“I’m Rab Allan from Kirriemmir, Scotland. I was born 28 years ago. I’m a father of one daughter and two sons. My wife and I have been Christians since 1994. I have a fascinating testimony on how I met Christ in Prison. I lived a life characterized by drug addiction and violence. I was raised up in a family of ten, four girls and six boys. My family was immersed in the bondage of alcoholism and violence. My father and my brothers were all alcoholics. My father abused my mother mentally and even physically. He could beat up my mother occasionally after being drunk. This made me hate him, and I begged my mother to divorce my father, but up to now, she has not done that.
I was not privileged to play games with my dad as other kids of my age did. My life in crime began when I was 12, stealing cars and shoplifting. I belonged to a gang of teens called “Elm Street Grave Diggers” We always fought with other gangs on flimsy issues. This made my mom was extremely worried about me.

My mom never drunk or abused any drug, she was of strong character. After committing to stop my criminal activities, I was involved in youth work organizations such as The Princes Trust and Duke of Edinburg. My career became successful. When I was 23, I worked with my friend Freda for a youth group we found together. I was sacked after being accused of stealing. My sacking was not justified because I was innocent. This made me imprisoned for eight months. I was released then after two months; I was brought back to prison accused of assault and mishandling firearms.

I was transferred to Shorts after spending six months in Barlinnie prison, but while I was still at Barlinnie, I was visited by a minister who told me that he had been told by my friend that I was interested in the Bible. He requested me to join him in a Bible discussion, but I refused. I gave him a chance when gave me an offer of tea, biscuits, and chocolate. It was a rear occurrence at Barlinnie. In many occasions, I used to put off the minister with my silly comments pertaining God, but it came a day when requested for a Bible and its booklet called “Ultimate questions,” authored by John Blanchard, which he gave me. I tried to read, but I could not understand them.

So I continued taking drugs and sometimes selling them to sustain my luxurious life. After being transferred to the Shorts, I thought it was time to show my true colors to the authorities. I remember threatening an officer that I was going to remove one of his eyes. That was how insane and mad I was. Everyone was an enemy and stranger to me.

My turning point came one of the summer nights while in my cell. I had put out the lights listening to music. I heard the voice of Christ! The voice told me, “Turn off the lights,” I refused to do it, preferring staying in the dark. I heard this though severally and I was forced to switch on the lights, I did not know the light that strange voice told me was the light of Christ!

After that incidence, I lay on the dirty floor with my booklet and Bible. I tried to read five times, but still, I didn’t understand what it meant. When I was on the verge of giving up, my eye landed on a passage at the bottom of my booklet. The passage had the message “If I didn’t comprehend the message, I asked God to reveal it to me.” I went down on my knees to ask God to reveal it to me. I could read the booklet loud and occasionally get the answers. The Bible became real to me, and that’s how I met Christ in prison”.

This is just one incident where an inmate God saved while in prison. At, our greatest desire is to bring more lives to Christ. We do this by offering them Bible study lessons. This is important since we know that after being born again, they need to read the Bible, and reading the Bible requires that they have the skills to read it well. Our Bible study lessons are inclined to help the prisoners have wider knowledge about the Bible.

We at have made our Bible study curriculum effective by adopting the correspondent technique. We provide Bible study lessons to the prisoners as they continue with their daily duties in prison. This technique has yielded amazing results since we have helped many prisoners get saved!

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Please complete the information in the box that says, "Start Here" or call us at (877)391-3741 to begin your educational journey with ICCS.