Education behind prison wall

The international Christian college and seminary are tasked with spreading the gospel and educating the prisoners. We enable people to have a wider understanding of Christianity that enables them to provide answers to many life questions. A prison is a place characterized with many evils such as violence, hatred drug abuse, etc. We strive to make the lives of prisoners to be meaningful by helping them acquire education while in prison.

The reason why we offer education behind prison walls is to avail the word of God to the prisoners, they are cut off from society, and they may not get to know the goodness of God if we don’t minister to them. We also offer studies to those who are incarcerated especially those who could not continue with education due to imprisonment. Since many prisons don’t have computers and internet connectivity, we are offering them our programs using correspondence. This entails sending course materials to the prisoners, and they send back answers using mailing.

We at offer degree programs at a very affordable rate. The degree courses we offer range from undergraduate, masters, and doctorate. This program is meant to help prisoners to spend their time in prison meaningfully. We teach Christian values as they are addressed in the Bible, and our candidates stand to benefit upon their release as they could have been nurtured to be all round people.
We know that many prisoners undergo periods of unending solitude together with guilt. Their criminal activities that landed them in prison makes them to despair and regret their past actions. They need guidance on how to forget their past and reconstruct their lives. This is the reason as to why we offer education behind prison walls. They will be able to reform after reading the Bible, and we teach them on how to read the Bible and understand it in the best way possible.

We offer educational opportunities to the incarcerated because we know the ripple effect it can make in their lives. To begin with, the education we offer helps in addressing the literacy levels among the prisoners. Many of them come from disadvantaged families so they can’t afford education. Education is also key in that it helps them to improve on their character and also develop their reasoning capacity.

At our college, we adhere to the principle of equality. We believe that we are equal to each other. In James 2:1-5, the Bible warns us against discriminating others in any way. We should extend our olive hand to those who are underprivileged in society. For a long time, prisoners have been discriminated against and viewed as criminals! The thinking of society is that they cannot do something substantial but harm. This cannot be the truth! Prisoners can be great again when given a chance; our programs are meant to help prisoners achieve their academic goals and become useful individuals upon their release.

Education is a sure way to liberation. As the saying goes, “you can be imprisoned, but your mind cannot be imprisoned.” The desire of any convict is to get freedom. Being set free by the prison authorities is not enough without liberating your mind. At, we believe that the education we offer will help the inmates let go their previous misconducts. Some are facing serious addictions such as drugs and alcoholism, but they don’t know to liberate themselves. Many of them commit crimes because they don’t respect the freedom of others.

At the International Christian College & Seminary, we know that education is important but Biblical knowledge is vital for every soul, this explains our efforts of developing programs that offer education behind the prison walls. We took this important step to reach the prisoners who are a forgotten lot. Our Bible study lessons are meant to help our incarcerated brothers to know more about the word of God and also have a wider view of Christianity.

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Please complete the information in the box that says, "Start Here" or call us at (877)391-3741 to begin your educational journey with ICCS.