College Education in Prison

College education in prisons is one of the ways in which you can help an inmate get back on his feet even before he has gotten out of prison. Just as an education can prepare you in the outside world as a free citizen, so it can also help people who are inside prison to prepare for when they would get out jail. Getting a degree in prison will not only help inmates to focus on something that they can hope for in the future, it can also help them improve their behavior and performance while serving their sentence. At the International Christian College and Seminary at, you will find that our main aim is to train people for the Lord’s work and this is what we seek to do with our prison program.

Our program not only focuses on the intellectual growth of our students but we also seek to improve their spiritual lives as well. This is perhaps one of the advantages that our program for college education in prisons can offer to anyone who is thinking of applying for one of our courses. We view people not only as products of evolution but as special creations of God who are destined for a particular purpose and work on earth. Hence, our courses are not only aimed at some secular degree, it is directed towards a Christian-based perspective as well. At the International Christian College and Seminary, you will find the support and a community of believers who will help you in your spiritual maturity.

We understand that being in prison means financial constraints to a student as well hence; we are offering our courses in a very affordable rate. Sometimes money can be the greatest hurdle to getting a college education and this is why we are only requiring a very low down-payment in order to enroll to any of our courses. After you have enrolled, you will be receiving your courses materials through mail which you can study at your own free time and at your own pace. You will be submitting your assignments and your exams through mail as well and there is no need for a computer and an internet access in order to complete our course. Finishing our courses successfully also means that you will be getting a degree whether it is an associate’s, a bachelor’s, or even a doctor of philosophy degree.

The International Christian College and Seminary believes that everyone has that potential to change for the better and prison inmates are no exception. We are offering college education in prisons with the view that it can help make them into better future citizens by learning knowledge and skills that will be valuable for their communities when they get back to society. Aside from that, we also aim to help them rebuild their lives around the Christian faith which can give them a stable foundation in this current life. If you wish to learn more about the various courses that we are offering, just visit our website at

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