Bible study for prisoners

Many prisoners are left to meditate upon their criminal activities that made them imprisoned, at times this makes them guilty. They look for solutions of overcoming their guilt. Many of them give their lives to Christ, and therefore it becomes a requirement of them to read the Bible. The problem is that many of them read it, but they can’t understand it, that’s why at, we offer Bible study to enable them to keep in touch with Christ.

Many prisoners usually have that desire to utilize their time in prison and come out while they have achieved something. We at International Christian College and seminary we offer Bible study course and issue certificates upon the completion of courses. This makes the prisoners to become useful in the society after they are released. We offer Bible to prisoners because it avails the love of God to them and we also use this chance to spread the word of God.

We offer Bible study to prisoners using correspondence. This technique is effective since it enables us to teach them as they continue with their duties in prison. We minister to them via letters or our visits. We have taken this step to cater for those inmates who had their educational dreams cut off as they were put in prison. They can take Bible study course and then issued with merit certificates. We offer the undergraduate and postgraduate degree in Bible studies at an affordable price. The correspondence Bible study technique has helped us to impact Christian values and also the Word of God to the prisoners effectively.

We also offer Bible study courses because we understand that some of the prisoners come from low-income homes. They cannot afford the cost of education hence the reason as to why most of them are illiterate. We offer them Bible study lessons to improve their literacy capabilities for the purpose of reading the Bible.

We at also offer Bible study for the prisoners for the purpose of rehabilitation. This is the most significant goal of any prison. A prisoner is expected to reform after completing his/her jail term. This is not always guaranteed as some prisoners after they are released, they embark on their criminal activities. Our intention is to rehabilitate them by instilling religious values in their lives. This is achieved by teaching them how to read and live the Word of God.
As a Christian institution, our major goal is to spread the word of God through the programs we offer. Our experience of teaching the prisoners over the years has shown that our Bible study courses have been a great success to the prisoners who feel alienated by the society. They have always embraced our programs because they know we care for them. We strive in spreading the Gospel even to those who are disadvantaged.

It is also important to note that by being imprisoned, it doesn’t mean that the prisoners have limited abilities. For many years, prisoners have been looked down upon and thought that they cannot amount to anything! That’s a fallacy! Prisoners are human beings as we do! They need equal opportunities as we do. That’s why at our college, we offer Bible study for prisoners to enable them to study to the maximum of their abilities.

Many prisoners lose hope after they have been imprisoned, they think it’s the end of the world for them. At our college, we strive to preach forgiveness of Christ by the cross and giving them a new hope. We guide them on how to read the Bible, and by doing so, they come to learn about the unconditional love God has for them. They get the second chance in life.
Prisoners should be treated with humane. They are our brothers and sisters only that they are incarcerated. We need to show them love and support which will make them valued and feel the need to change bad habits. You can refer them to our college, international Christian college and seminary.

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Please complete the information in the box that says, "Start Here" or call us at (877)391-3741 to begin your educational journey with ICCS.