True Story: How An Inmate Changed After Starting A Bible Study Course

Prison chaplains and other advocates fought many years to add educational opportunities for inmates. What better way to avoid returning to a life of crime than to learn a skill ...
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St Paul in Prison- How God Uses Miracles To Free Those Who Seek Him

Paul was arguably the most zealous preacher of the Word in the time of the Apostles. His dramatic conversion on the road to Damascus started him on a faith-spreading journey ...
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Is It Possible To Live According To The Bible In Prison?

When my co-workers learned that I visit prisons to introduce Jesus and teach His Way, they wondered why. “Is it possible to live according to the Bible in prison?” one ...
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Is It Possible To Find Freedom From Sin In Prison?

If we asked most people, “is it possible to find freedom from sin in prison?” they would not like the odds. They think real life is tough enough. They find ...
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How Reading The Bible Can Set You Free

The words make up one of the best-known phrases in the world. “You shall know the truth…and the truth shall set you free!” It is written on walls and over ...
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How Long Does It Take To Read The Whole Bible?

“Grandpa must be the slowest reader in the world,” claimed my young daughter. “He reads the Bible every day… and he’s still not finished!” The rest of us chuckled. Years ...
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